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Hurricane Dorian – Tree Removal and Disaster Relief


As hurricane Dorian slowly approaches the Tidewater Region Advance Tree Care wanted to take a couple of minutes to let every customer know that our staff will be available for all of your storm related needs from Hurricane Dorian. 

Storm clean up after a weather event like Dorian is something our crews train for and have years of experience in providing the safest solutions to resolving your storm related issues. We have numerous years of experience and knowledge to help you handle your storm related insurance claim correctly, with the most urgent response time as possible. If it is in the middle of the night during the storm or the morning after and you are finally getting the chance to survey your property, remember we are here to help!

Our company owned crane is one of the most state of the art pieces of equipment to remove any tree off of any structure, dwelling or vehicle with out the risk of any further damage.

Give us a call today, and schedule your free estimate.  Be Safe!



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Gallery of Tree Removal with a Crane in Virginia Beach

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5-3-15 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal with a Crane

Removing a 47” Oak Tree with a Crane

This is one of the times where we use a crane to protect a homeowners house from the potential damage that could result from us removing a leaning tree that leans back over a house. There are times and situations where using a crane is a must. When large pieces of wood hangover the house and roping could cause damage to the house we use a crane to insure safety to the customer and to our crew.  In the photo below we removed a 47 inch Oak Tree that had numerous dead limbs and leaned back over our customers house. First we removed the dead limbs to prevent any of them falling off the tree and creating holes in the roof. Then we backed the crane in and went to work. We also trimmed a large White Oak Tree that over hanged the back of his house, grind-ed the stump and removed the stump mulch. We completed this job in one day.

This customer used our Virginia Beach Tree Removal service to prepare for a Hurricane Season. Are you prepared?


All of us Removing a Oak Tree that leaned over a homeowners house Taking the top. We had to remove this tree in small pieces to prevent damage to the surrounding trees
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4-4-13 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal and Lot Clearing

CarMax, Finish removing 13 Trees

This is day 2 of a tree removal project for Car Max in Virginia Beach. We safely removed 13 hazardous trees that was on there property line between them and some adjacent town homes.

Adrain in the top of a 100' Pine Tree getting started to rope some limbs down

Adrain in the top of a 100′ pine tree getting started to rope some limbs down.

We found this guy in the top of a dead gum tree.

We found this guy in the top of a dead gum tree.

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4-3-13 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal

Take down and remove 13 Trees at CarMax, Virginia Beach. CarMax wanted to remove all of the hazardous trees that  border there property and a neighborhood. Preventive Maintenance. Unfortunately we had to remove all of these trees by hand. There was no access for any equipment. It was a job with limited access and barely any room for us to make any errors. One side was a Car lot full of used cars, the other was town homes. This was a job that was going to take some time to perform the job safely with out any damage or mistakes. We performed this job in 2 days.



This Job was a tight one. On one side we had a lot full of used cars, on the other was town homes One of the 120' Pine Tree that we removed.
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3-28-13 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Take down and remove 1 Spanish oak tree next to drive way. Grind stump and place top soil.

All Cleaned up and ready for grass seed. Some of our trucks getting ready to pull out from the job.
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3-27-13 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal

One of the Red Oak Trees that we removed.


Take down and remove 2 Red Oak Trees, 1 Large White Oak Tree, and 1 Cedar Tree. All of these trees were removed in one day. We will return to grind the stumps on Thursday 3-28-13 and dispose of the stump mulch for our Senior Citizen Customer.

Check out our Tree Removal Service page for more information.

We found a nest of baby Squirrels in one of the trees. Our crew getting started on the White Oak Tree
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3-21-13 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Take Down and remove numerous trees along property line for a future fence to divide the property lines. Remove trees, chip all debris, Grind all stumps, and regrade all disturbed areas.

Neighborhood Entrance, Three Oaks, Virginia Beach

After the project was completed. Graded  and ready for seed.

Remove 1 Dead Pine Tree and a Bradfur Pear Tree.Finish this project Friday 3-22

Professional Clean up like we were never there.
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3-20-13 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal, Tree Restoration, and Stump Grinding

Wednesday 3-20-13:

The Rain has finally stopped for a couple of days!!!

2 Jobs today:

First Job: 64 Street, Oceanfront, Virginia Beach

Take down and remove 1 River Birch and a Cherry Tree. Grind all stumps deep for future foundation, dispose of all stump mulch and backfill with selective fill.

Second Job: 34 Street Oceanfront, Virginia Beach

We were proud to have the opportunity to Trim / Prune / Elevate a 250 year old Red Oak Tree. This Tree was over 80 inches across the stump. Check out our before and after photos.

Before we got started After!
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3-15-13 – Virginia Beach and Norfolk – Tree Removal and Stump Grinding

Finish up Jeffrey Drive, Norfolk,

Grind all stumps and haul away stump mulch, clean up job!

Move to Baycliff, VA Beach

Take down and remove 1 Large White Oak Tree next to driveway and boat.

Read more about our Tree Removal Services here.

Our crew wrapping up for the day Job completed!

Our crew wrapping up for the day job completed!

Large White Oak Tree safely on the ground. No more leaning over the house or where they park there boat

Large White Oak Tree safely on the ground. No more leaning over the house or where they park there boat

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