5-3-15 – Virginia Beach – Tree Removal with a Crane

Removing a 47” Oak Tree with a Crane

This is one of the times where we use a crane to protect a homeowners house from the potential damage that could result from us removing a leaning tree that leans back over a house. There are times and situations where using a crane is a must. When large pieces of wood hangover the house and roping could cause damage to the house we use a crane to insure safety to the customer and to our crew.  In the photo below we removed a 47 inch Oak Tree that had numerous dead limbs and leaned back over our customers house. First we removed the dead limbs to prevent any of them falling off the tree and creating holes in the roof. Then we backed the crane in and went to work. We also trimmed a large White Oak Tree that over hanged the back of his house, grind-ed the stump and removed the stump mulch. We completed this job in one day.

This customer used our Virginia Beach Tree Removal service to prepare for a Hurricane Season. Are you prepared?


All of us Removing a Oak Tree that leaned over a homeowners house Taking the top. We had to remove this tree in small pieces to prevent damage to the surrounding trees


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