Virginia Beach Tree Services

Advance Tree Care provides the following Tree Services

24/7 Hour Emergency Service:

In case of any emergency, we are available to respond to your call any time of the day or night. Once we have assessed the situation, we will mobilize our crew and work with you to take care of your urgent needs. We offer 24/7 hour emergency tree removal, tree trimming, and tree care services throughout Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area.

Tree Removal:

Advance Tree Care has the capability and expertise to handle all your Virginia Beach tree removal needs.   Our professionals specialize in the art of removing trees that are:

  • Diseased
  • Decaying
  • Dying
  • Creating hazards around your property
  • In locations with limited access
  • Obstructing construction sites
  • Storm damage

Advance Tree Care carefully plans how to perform each tree removal job in a safe and courteous manner with the protection of your property, and your satisfaction as our primary objectives.  Whether we are utilizing a crane to remove a tree with limited access, to felling a tree in your front yard, no matter the situation or location, Advance Tree Care’s skilled professional team can handle your Virginia Beach tree removal and tree trimming project.      

Tree Removal with a Crane:

Advance Tree Care specializes in tree removal with a crane. One misconception that customers often have is that when a crane is involved – it means the job will be “expensive”. However, using a crane to remove trees often is the safest and most economical way to remove large trees. Our Virginia Beach Tree Removal with a crane service is affordable, safe, and can solve the problem of a tree removal in tough to access locations.

Tree Trimming and Pruning:

Advance Tree Care Corp provides numerous types of tree pruning techniques. Our Team includes a Certified Arborist who can evaluate your trees, and recommend the best course of action necessary to save or enhance the beauty of your trees and your property. Through various pruning methods Advance Tree Care Corp can help your trees survive for years to come.

Stump Grinding:

Advanced Tree Care has the expertise and equipment to grind any size tree stump with minimal damage to your property. No matter the size of the stump, or location, we have the equipment to handle the job.

Lot Clearing:

Advanced Tree Care offers years of experience clearing property of unwanted trees, shrubs, and vegetation for commercial, municipal, and residential customers. Our certified Arborists on staff carefully evaluates the property, the future plans, and assesses which trees and vegetation should be removed or remain in place to enhance the final vision of the project. We also perform full-scale stump excavation or grinding. Whatever the project requires, Advanced Tree Care will complete the project in a safe and professional manner.

Shrub and Hedge Pruning:

Advance Tree Care is not just a “tree removal” company. We offer shrub and hedge pruning in a safe and cost effective manner. Our state of the art equipment and skilled employees can shape all your shrubs and hedges to your specifications. Don’t take the chance of injuring yourself on a ladder while trimming your holly bushes – leave it to the professionals at Advance Tree Care.


Advance Tree Care’s certified Arborist is available to evaluate and assess your property. Our Arborist will provide a full assessment and professional advice as to what steps can be taken to insure your trees and shrubs will have a healthy rich environment to grow in for years to come. A few simple practices, preventive maintenance, regular pruning, and continuous inspections can help all of your trees and shrubs survive seasonal weather events in the Hampton Roads area.

Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act (CBPA) Tree Removal:

Advance Tree Care is one of the leading companies in Virginia Beach and the Hampton Roads area with expertise in the removal of trees within the buffer zone surrounding the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. We maintain full compliance with the CBPA requirements and regulations. Please feel free to contact Advance Tree Care and our certified arborist will come out and asses the situation and fully explain the permitting process to you in depth.

Property Management/ Commercial Complexes:

Advance Tree Care provides many services for our property management clientele.

Whether we are pruning at an apartment complex, removing numerous trees at a shopping center, or grinding stumps in front of your office, Advance Tree Care has the capability of handling any size job. We use state of the art equipment along with highly trained professionals to enhance your property’s appearance. When we are on the job, our goal is to provide professional customer service, minimize the impact to your clients/tenants, maintain a clean worksite, and complete all projects on time.

Stream Debris Removal:

What is “Stream Debris Removal”? It is the process of clearing blocked, clogged, and impassable waterways and navigable channels after any weather event, years of decaying forests, as well as beavers making dams and habitats. Blocked waterways and channels can create many adverse conditions upstream or downstream such as poor drainage and flooding for cities, counties, municipalities, and private properties.

Advance Tree Care has received numerous contracts to perform Stream Debris Removal and Tree Removal for government agencies such as the U.S. Department Agriculture, the Natural Resource Conservation Service, U.S. Coast Guard, as well as municipality and county Public Works Departments. We have performed Tree Removal and Stream Debris Removal in many difficult and challenging locations, whether working off of a stream bank, or on a floating/sectional barge with an excavator. Whatever is required, Advance Tree Care can accomplish the job in a safe, timely, and efficient manner. Advance Tree Care is one of the few companies in the United States with the skills and proven experience performing this type of work. References are available upon request.