Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding:

Tree stumps left unattended can become an eyesore and safety hazard on your property. They can create trip hazards and make lawn care an unbearable task. The professionals at Advance Tree Care have the expertise and equipment to grind any size tree stump with minimal damage to your property. No matter the size of the stump, or location, we have the equipment and expertise to handle the job in a safe and efficient manner. Our state of the art grinder can fit through a 36” gate for stump removal in areas with limited access. Here is a brief description of our stump grinding services:

  • Cutting the stump to ground level
  • Grinding the entire stump
  • Grinding all surface roots
  • Complete removal of all stump mulch after grinding the stump
  • Installation of topsoil and seed to leave the area as if a tree was never there

Whatever your stump problems may be, contact Advance Tree Care for a consultation with one of our trained professionals.