When to call an arborist?

When to Call An Arborist?

Tree care from an arborist is essential when a tree in your yard is questionable or concerning. Tree’s are a great asset to any yard and lawn. It’s important to keep up with maintaining them for longevity, integrity, and to ensure safety of surrounding buildings and structures.

Late autumn is an excellent time to take some time and do a tree inspection in your yard. This time period is a great time to create a yearly routine to check for various tree ailments and issues that could be effecting your trees. Our professional arborists and tree experts agree to look for these warning signs and to contact an arborist whenever these types of tree situations are found.

#1. Dead or broken hanging branches

— Winter may have left many trees with dieback. If the branches are larger than two inches in diameter, they can cause damage when they fall. Getting this tree branches removed or trimmed by a tree expert such as Advance Tree Care can increase your safety and security of structures in your yard.

#2. A leaning tree

— A slight lean could be all right, although exposed roots, or a mound of soil at the base may be a potential danger. It’s not worth having the tree fall or damaging your precious investments. Call us to come check out that leaning tree to make sure it doesn’t fall. We are experts at tree removal services and tree removal with a crane in the Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads area.

#3. Multiple trunks

— The point where the trunks meet is often a weak spot. Trunks should not have cracks or splits. That means they can separate during wind or ice storms. If something looks like it could crack it’s best to get an opinion of a certified arborist to make sure you’re safe.

#4. Weak branch unions and intersections

— Tree branches larger than three inches in diameter should not have cracks or splits where they join the trunk. If it looks dangerous then it probably is and our tree removal experts can give you a free estimate on fixing the tree’s branches and unions to make sure they are strong enough for heavy winds and rains.

#5. Trunk and branch cracks

— These types of cracks can look fine from the outside but trunk cracks can extend deep into the tree thus weakening the tree to the point of collapse. A certified arborist can accurately determine if the tree needs to be trimmed or removed from the property.

#6. Decayed wood

— Trees with cavities, cankers, mushrooms or conks growing on it can be a bad sign. All may be fine but these are indications that your tree needs a risk assessment from a tree expert.

#7. Root problems

— Most tree issues start at the roots. Since it’s hard to determine issues of roots it’s best to seek an expert when there’s any sign of encircling or broken roots. Trimmers, mowers, rodents, and animals can all damage root systems of a tree and care should be given when any of those objects are consistently near your trees.

If any of these tree issues are found we highly recommend contacting us to inspect your tree. It’s better to be pro-active with tree care then re-active as damage to houses, greenhouses, garages, fences, and other structures can be very costly. We offer free estimates for all of our Virginia Beach tree care services and tree removal services.